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Various Downloads on Companies Bill, 2013

Various Downloads on The Companies Act, 2013

The Companies Bill, 2013 has finally been passed by Rajya Sabha "The Upper House of the Parliament of India" on 8th August, 2013 after a long waiting period of almost eight months from the date of its passing in Lok Sabha "The Lower House of the Parliament of India".

Earlier, The Companies Bill, 2012 has already been passed by Lok Sabha on 18th December, 2012. The Bill was introduced by the current Minister of Corporate Affairs "Mr. Sachin Pilot" and  after the discussion, the Bill has finally been passed by the Parliament of India.


The Bill contains 470 clauses and 7 schedules.
The Bill is divided into 29 chapters.

Some new chapters have been introduced:-
  • Registered Valuers (ch.17);
  • Government companies (ch. 23);
  • Companies to furnish information or statistics (ch. 25);
  • National Company Law Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal (ch. 27);
  • Special Courts (ch. 28)
  • The Bill empowers Central Government to make rules, etc. through delegated legislation after having detailed consultative process (clause 470 and others).
Some new concepts have been introduced:-
  • Concept of One Person Company (OPC limited) [Clause 2(62)]
  • Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel [Clause 203(1)]
  • Functions of Company Secretary (Clause 205)
  • Participation at board meetings through video/audio visual.
  • Secretarial Standards got statutory recognition [refer Clause 118(10) & 205]
  • Secretarial Audit (Clause 204)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Clause 135)
  • Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) (Clause 211)
  • The Definition of fraud is provided as under (Explanation to Clause 447)

Download The Companies Bill, 2012 as passed by Lok Sabha on 18th December, 2012 by clicking the following link....

(Bare Act) As published in Official Gazette of India

(MCA File)

(Clarification issued by ICMAI)

(PPT Presentation)

Disclaimer: This Features/Concepts/data provided here in this site has been prepared on the basis of Companies Bill, 2012 as passed in the Loksabha on 18th December, 2012. The Site owners does not own the responsibility for any error or omission. The users and readers are advised to cross check with the original bill before acting upon this data.

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